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Andrey Ostrovsky Joins Nicolette as Strategic Advisor

Nicolette, a healthcare startup focused on empowering patients through data and insights, today announced that Andrey Ostrovsky, MD has joined their advisory team. Dr. Ostrovsky, a previous founder of predictive insights company Care at Hand, has also served as the Chief Medical Officer at the Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services (CMCS), led teams at the World Health Organization, United States Senate, and San Francisco Health Department toward health system strengthening through technology.  Ostrovsky currently serves as CEO for Concerted Care Group, invests in startups at Social Innovation Ventures, and is a practicing pediatrician at Children’s National Medical Center.

“Andrey brings significant strength to the Nicolette team, especially when it comes to commercial and clinical validation of our technology”, says CEO Phil Martie. “As we enter the market this year and begin to scale, his contributions will enable us to rapidly develop strategic relationships with both providers and payers. Further, Andrey’s experience and leadership will be helpful in many ways to Nicolette in these early days”.

Medicaid is an especially crucial focus. Nicolette’s entry point is the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where Medicaid serves as the largest payer for pre-term infants. “Nicolette has significant potential to reduce state and federal Medicaid spend by improving outcomes and redefining the experience for families with a baby in the NICU,” says Ostrovsky. “I support exceptional founders for whom the problem they are solving is personal. Phil and Dr. Mikhael’s inspiring story and strong backgrounds make me very bullish about their vision.”

About Nicolette

Nicolette, Inc. is a patient empowerment company. They build interactive displays of individualized medical data and research to enable patients to understand their health quickly and with enough confidence to serve as their own healthcare advocate. Their first product is called NicoBoard, a bedside tool that empowers NICU parents to partner with their medical professionals through visualized medical data, curated research & education, and engagement tools.

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