Nicolette, Inc. Launches Patient Empowerment Technology for NICU Parents

Nicolette, Inc. has launched NicoBoard, its bedside empowerment technology for parents with babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Parents use NicoBoard to view updates and insights about their baby’s health, receive curated education specific to their baby, and document their NICU journey with sharable media and journaling. This is Nicolette’s first entry into the commercial market. CHOC Children’s, a pediatric healthcare system in Orange County, California, is the first organization to implement the technology.

By focusing on parent education and engagement needs throughout the NICU experience, NicoBoard aims to dramatically improve parents’ participation in their baby’s care and enhance the partnership with their healthcare team. This gives families the confidence and competence to be better caregivers and improves their satisfaction level. These improvements are expected to reduce hospital length of stay and readmissions, yielding substantial savings to healthcare systems and payers.

Nicolette’s mission is driven by the team’s deep experience in healthcare, the patient journey, and product development. This includes co-founder and CEO Phil Martie, whose experience with extremely premature twins served as inspiration for NicoBoard.

“To see NicoBoard in the hands of NICU parents is an incredible feeling,” says Martie. “I was in their exact position just a few short years ago, overwhelmed with decision-making, trying to understand my children’s diagnoses, and attempting to be a hands-on caregiver. It is a true privilege to now be of service to these parents, and an honor to be a member of the team focused on building technology just for them.”

NicoBoard’s functionality will expand over the course of 2021. This includes telehealth capabilities and scaling to additional inpatient and ambulatory settings in both pediatric and adult medicine. Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Seth Brickman states, “The ability to impact even one child’s life makes this journey worthwhile. The product is built to be scalable to any patient experience, and Nicolette is currently planning its next release.”