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Nicolette, Inc. Launches Patient Empowerment Technology for NICU Parents

Nicolette, Inc. has launched NicoBoard, its bedside empowerment technology for parents with babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Parents use NicoBoard to view updates and insights about their baby’s
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Choosing Value Over Volume

If it feels like you’re paying a much higher price for the same healthcare than you were a few years ago, you’re right. And you’re not alone. Healthcare spending at
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Take Charge of Your Health

Don’t be a passive patient. Truly personalized medicine depends on one agent of change: the patient. Leading your own healthcare journey depends on taking actions. Taking action takes confidence and
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Researching Health Topics with Confidence

More than ever, we have the power as individuals to make excellent healthcare decisions for ourselves and our families. Connectivity between patients and accessibility to research & education have proven
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Make Your Medical Data Meaningful

20,000 sand grains. 33 rocks. 18.5 umbrellas. This is data, and it’s meaningless. Does it describe a beach? Maybe. But there isn’t enough of a story here for anyone to
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Introducing the Nicolette Empowerment Blog

Big health is upon us. We’re not referring to an evil oligarchy, rather the enormity of opportunity and options available promoting both community and individual well-being. There is focus and
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