Nicolette, Inc., a digital health pioneer focused on patient education and data tools, today announced the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a new patent (No.11,432,720). The patent protects Nicolette’s NicoBoard technology, specifically the transformation of a patient’s raw health data from their electronic health record (EHR) into easy-to-use tools such as tailored education content, natural-language insights, interactive visuals, and action prompts. 

Nicolette first implemented NicoBoard in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at CHOC Children’s Hospital and has now served over 2,000 NICU families. A clinical study has been published showing breakthrough improvements in family input in care, quality of communication between families and clinicians, and timeliness of updates. 

“From ideation to prototype to thousands of successful user experiences, our team has executed well by building tech that puts the patient at the center of care,” says Phil Martie, co-founder and CEO at Nicolette. “This patent is an acknowledgment that we are the first to transform data in a truly patient-centric way, delivering it as an integrated part of healthcare.”

Seth Brickman, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, adds, “The ability to transform a patient’s raw health data into something that helps them and improves outcomes is what drives the Nicolette team. This patent recognizes the impact NicoBoard has on people’s lives.”

Nicolette’s technology will continue to focus on NICU patients through 2023, with its first expansion to new inpatient departments near the end of the year. The patent extends to these new areas of growth.